Veterans For Worship

A Church for Veterans-Reaching Veterans One Event at a Time...

Masters of converting coffee into connection.

Debbie Maund

Founder & Chaplain
Debbie is an Army Reserve Chaplain, a VFW Chaplain, and the founder of Veterans For Worship. Her mission and calling is to reach veterans, the military and their families. 

Vance Whippo

Chair & Chaplain
Vance is State Guard Chaplain, a former 1SG, and our board chair and Veterans For Worship Chaplain. 

Steven Morphy

Vice Chair & Board Chaplain
Steven is our board Chaplain and Vice Chair of our Veterans For Worship board.

Aletha Tatge

Treasurer & Art Ministry Chaplain
Aletha is an amazing artist. You can see her work throughout Snohomish Country. You can also attend one of her amazing art classes. She provides free art classes to veterans during V4W events.

Victor Pierce

Trustee & Amazing Voice Guy
Victor is a great guy with a great voice. He can always deliver a great rendition of the National Anthem. You may also visit his website: